The Artistic Life of Claire Hsu

A great number of people may not be aware that when Claire Hsu first accessed to the art field of China in the 1990s, she had been studying Chinese language in Peking University. And the seeing and thinking during her living in Beijing stimulated her thick interest to contemporary art. However, when she tried to search some information about art, she realized the relevant art information was rarely found.

Until a day when Claire Hsu made acquaintance with Johnson Chang who shared the same interest with her at Hanart TZ Gallery, she started to discuss some artistic ideas with him. And later, in the end of 2000, they both founded Asia Art Archive together.

Claire Hsu always makes her endeavors to the development of Asia Art Archive. In order to achieve her dream and keep the dreamy work operate well, she always tries her best to find sponsors and raises the funds to set up Asia Art Archive. And the staffs are full of support for art.

Claire Hsu has a biggest dream that Asia Art Archive can operate well till the future. And as a record museum of artistic information, Asia Art Archive can save well the artistic data so that people of next generations can have accesses to find them and have a wide reference.